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Meet Jessica & Jeff. They have been sweethearts for 10 years. We were very honored to be the ones asked to photograph their special day. Below you will see a few pictures from their moments.

Thanks for looking!

Brett, Kellie Rachel & Staff

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Jessica and Jeff’s Story:

Our wedding date was the day we met ten years ago.  Although, we didn’t start dating until a month after we met, we knew from the day we first saw each other, we were going to be together forever. 
  I (the bride) was so sick the night of our wedding rehearsal, I didn’t think I was going to make it to my own wedding!  But I did, and that day replays in my head everyday.
On our wedding day we had some vendors that didn’t do their job to the best of their ability and that really stressed out my whole wedding party.

That’s when Kellie Our Wedding Photographer came in.  She was so helpful from the time we walked into the bridal room to the time we cut our cake. Not one of the brides maids even knew how to put on their dress…if it wasn’t for Kellie, they would of went down the isle in their birthday suits!

Everything was insane and not going right, but Kellie was to the rescue again!  Kellie took all the petals from the store bought bouquets and placed them in the isle and then she returned to the bride suite to make sure our heads were still attached.  Nothing was on time and things were falling apart all around me….but Kellie was there to remind me to breathe, she told me that I was beautiful over and over and reminded me that I was about to marry the man of my dreams.

To this day I sit back and think of all the things I could have done to make it better, but honestly there isn’t anything!  Kellie and staff made it the best day of our lives and we are excited to work with her again for our year anniversary and many other things to come!                                              

 Thank You,

Mr. and Mrs. Davis


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