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Holiday Tinsel, Sparklers, Toasts and New Years kisses!
The time to celebrate the ending of 2010 and the many New Beginnings of
2011 with friends and family near and far! In the past few years, we have
seen many changes in our world and it has allowed many to follow their
dreams. For over two years now, I have had the pleasure of knowing Rebecca
Palacio and her growing family. After many years of planning celebration
after celebration for her long list of friends,(and friends of friends),
last year she finally took a leap of faith. She made her passion of helping
everyone plan their special events into a company that she is very
passionate about. With the loving support of her husband, and family, she
has built her own business: Mrs. Celebration Event Planning & Design. I
have had the pleasure of working several events with her and we have teamed
up to create unlimited opportunities for many venues and vendors in the
event industry. I am honored to be able to create some amazing NEW marketing materials for
her and her New company. Here are a few pictures from her commercial shoot that I
would like to share with you.

If you are looking at planning a celebration of your own, please know you don’t have to do it alone. Mrs. Celebration and her team of experienced and passionate vendors will make your detailed dreams come true. She stays well connected and up to the minute on all of
the current trends, as well as adding a few of her own!

You can contact MRS.CELEBRATION directly for a free consultation at

I am excited to see what she does next and I recommend anyone planning a
future event to contact Mrs. Celebration to see how she can transform any
canvas into your dream space! Tell her we sent you and receive special pricing or a special gift with your package!!

Happy New Year! May Success and the Blessings of Wealth be with you.
~Kellie Gilliss
The Big Picture Fine Art & Photography


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