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Happy Thankful Thursday!

I LOVE being able to blog about being thankful! It gives my heart joy to sit and think of all the amazing things we have to be thankful for. (Believe me, we can all have our “debbie downer” days!) However, I would rather have “Thankful Thursdays”!

Recalling a single moment in time:

One day, I saw this boy and something sparked. I know, I know….”love at first sight” right? but something WAS different. When I finally got to meet him, he really was all that. He was charming, handsome, smart and oh and did I mention, not looking for a girlfriend. (nope, our story wasn’t sealed with a kiss and the rest is history, well not yet anyway…) At the time, I really wished it would have been, but rather it was a courtship of friendship, challenges, chances and a dare.

Today, over 15 years later, that boy is now a man, in-fact he is my man, and my husband.

I am truly blessed. He is everything I asked for and more. He is a great husband, father, friend and leader. He has blessed me with three beautiful children and so much more.

Awww, it really does feels good to be living the dream… my waking life!

Today I write about a single moment in time, a single moment, that change my lifetime. Honey, I am so glad you were not looking for a girlfriend when our paths crossed, so you could meet your wife.

I am very thankful for my husband and my family.

Thank you for being all mine. I love you.


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