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1500+ views in 30 days!?!

We are elated to see the results of lots of fun, gifts, giveaway’s, our passion of marketing and our beautiful community all coming together. 2 hours ago, we hit 1422 views on our new blog site.

Why is this so exciting??? Well…. I love meeting new people and having lots of friends…who doesn’t, right?   Also, this has been along time coming, you see we have been creating a new website for over 6 months now and we had found that the beautiful flash site we were building was going eliminate all of our mobile viewers, being a HUGE mobile viewer myself, this wasnt going to happen! So we decided to take our blog and see how this easy to use, affordable, and user friendly way to say what’s on our mind plus overall great way to post pictures (a treat for me!) would work for a temp site.

Well the proof is in. Our hats are off to all those who have stopped by! Whoot, let’s celebrate!  We have had 1,422 views on our site since Jan 1st!!

I know site stats are not usually the most thrilling, but I am totally excited about everything we have been doing in the community!


Thank you to each one of you who have stopped by and looked around.

I have made over 600+ new contacts in the last month and we still have 5 days left, so I would love to hear from more of you! I will be posting new favorite pictures from all of my new shoots and some oldies but goodies from the past 10 years!

PLUS: I will be having contests and winners almost everyday or every week!

SO here is todays pro-active contest:

2 winners, one from the website and one from my Facebook fan-page.


Connect with me or my site by leaving me a post or sending me an email


Become a fan of my business fanpage: http://www.facebook/thebigpicturefanpage or become a friend on my personal page http://www.facebook/viewthebigpicture

All you have to do is post a nice Hello, or you can give a shout out about how much you love our site, our company or how you would love to get to know us better.

TWO lucky winners, will be drawn for this weekend’s LOVE shoot!!

This contest is only for today and closes at MIDNIGHT!

The photo shoot will be this SATURDAY, at the Scottsdale Civic Center LOVE statue and the Lovely Miss Sacheen Robinson with will provide the lucky ladies with a free mini makeup session with lashes!




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