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Love is Blind- The Fabulous Adventure of Two Brides

Love is Blind, right?

When we meet “our one true love” for the first time, none of us know how long that “feeling”, or that relationship will last. I know when I met my husband it was “LOVE” at first site, there was a total spark, but sometimes life happens and at that time in my life, it just wasn’t the right time for us to be together. However, God is good and he brought us back full circle and now I could not imagine my life without my husband.

Love is blind, magical and fabulous!

Jan (my assistant) and I just loved the outfit that Kristin selected for the session. Those red delicious shoes, with the candy apple belt, went perfect with ruby red lipstick!

In the middle of February, I had the pleasure to meet Kristin and Kandi at The Big Celebration event that we were hosting @ Old Town Wedding & Event Center.

They told me a little about their love story and how they had reached the point of going to our bridal show, oh and also how Kandi had proposed at their 2010 halloween party dressed in a banana suit…that’s one story I will always remember!

During our conversation our raffle for the event was going on and one of our gift certificates was being given out. The couple who won, was not Kristin or Kandi but it went to another couple who was actually having their engagement session taken the very next day for free by the brides work. So instead of being off the hook to give away such a fabulous gift certificate. One that included a free makeup session to the bride and a free engagement session for the couple valued at over $250, we took the high road and gave it to Kristin & Kandi. We even threw in the second makeup session, so Kandi could see what she thought of being all dolled up, for her lovely lady! (Their makeup session was courtesy of Make Me Up Flawless and trial packages are usually around $100, so they really made out!)

We always encourage personalized props during our sessions and if I have the story straight, this sign was purchased either at their first bridal show or their first pride parade. Either way, it became the perfect sign to explain their relationship.

As we were going through my album samples they had expressed that they liked how I used my couples real wedding albums and that I had a huge diversity in the couples I chose to have on display.

Now I know that doesn’t sound like much worth noting, but to me, it meant the world. You see photography is my passion and photographing love, true love, real love, reflects what we all want from life.  For them I think it was just what they were looking for in a photographer.  You see Kristen & Kandi have embarked on a fabulous adventure of being two brides, from two different ethnicities.

Yes, our world is changing and we are learning as a society that it is more than ok for each of us to be different from each other, however, some people still have a way to go,  to change what they were taught a long time ago. Even after 10 years of being a couple, and with all of their friends and family in the “know” that these girls were in love and were going to be in each other’s lives forever, when they finally did decide to make it “official” they seemed to have stepped back in time.

 From their Blog: “Kandi and I imagined that the engagement excitement would pick up on where we are now, but have found that for some members of our family it was the coming out process all over again”.  

For me, I just wish people would think before they act, remembering how it feels to be hurt, to be loved and to be true to the inner you, no matter what.

Happily, in March we got to see them again, when they came to The Big Celebration @ The Bentley Projects which was a treat for artsy Kristin who fell in love with that location during a Phoenix First Friday a long time ago.  Upon their arrival they were provided with a special gift from us, some edited teaser prints. This was extra special because they had their family with them and because we don’t always give teasers in the form of prints, we thought this would be fun treat!

At every event we host, we always have an entertainment portion that includes various games and prizes.

So, I had asked the girls if they would be a part of our traditional “Let Eat Cake” event. This is when happy couples get to “Test Drive” being “Naughty” which is to smash the cake in their partners face or to be “Nice” and feed it to them. Well, we will let the pictures tell you what they decided. These lovely cakes were provided by Dolce Art Cakes of Phoenix and they were perfect for eating and making a good SPLAT on anyone willing to participate in being “Naughty & Messy”

This was a sweet mess! Want to see it live? Ok, but just note, because we were in an art gallery, we selected the only blank area and lighting was low. LOL

Now that their engagement session is over and they have officially set the date for an October wedding just shy of one year from the date they made the commitment to start this fabulous journey. You can understand why finding their perfect vendors, for their perfect day is more than just a Fabulous Adventure for these Two Brides, it is a dream come true, a testament to their love and for all of mankind who just want to be loved, unconditionally, forever and ever.

I am proud to have met these two wonderful gals, to photograph a part of their journey and to have the opportunity to be able to write about it.

The last 60 days have gone by fast and if you would have asked me then, when I would be publishing their story to my site, I would have never thought it would be completed on the same weekend that the Phoenix Pride Parade was going on. Coincidence? No, I think not.

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One response

  1. Kristin

    Awww… Thanks so much for the write up.

    The sign was from our first bridal show. And it was that vendor’s first bridal show too. It was fate.

    We enjoyed the shoot, and certainly enjoyed smooshing that cake – though we never really got to taste much of it….

    Thanks again!

    K & K

    April 18, 2011 at 7:18 pm

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