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When Daddy Deploys

When Mommy’s & Daddy’s Deploy,

the whole family embarks on a journey of tears, long distance phone calls, and the joy of dreams coming true, when they are back in the arms of their loving family.

I have known the Sharp family for several years. We first met when I photographed them at USMC Marine Corps Ball in 2007 and I have photographed them every year since.

Here is a snap from October 2010 USMC Ball, when they were still pregnant with Baby Colin.

Through the years, I have been blessed to see their family grow from a cute couple in love, into a happy family of four. 

Meet Aiden. 

Aiden is their first-born son, he is now almost 2 years old.

Last year he became a big brother to Colin.

Meet Colin.

When we took Colin’s newborn pictures in late December 2010, we already knew daddy would be deploying in less than 6 months.

So we took special care to tell their personal family story.

Meet Daddy, Aiden & Colin’s Hero.

In June daddy will be separated from his little men and his one true love, his amazing wife.

These shots were taken to give them an intimate in-home session to remember each other during their time apart.  

I have been a photographer since I was 5 years old. I feel pictures are an amazing way to show us perspective, if we have a picture to go along with those regular happens like a father-son tickle or the sounds of a soft whisper; I love you.

We will always remember our best moments.

Like our sweet & tender ones, when words aren’t spoken.

To hear the sounds of laughter, their smell, how big they are getting. Pictures keep you in touch. Pictures tell our LOVE stories.

 For as long as we can remember, spouses have deployed, to far away lands, for freedom.

It hasn’t always been Afghanistan, the landscape changes through the ages, but the feelings the families go through has proven to be life changing for all who is involved.

Each family has their special story of why they have chosen to serve and it is important for those stories to be told.

We toast The Sharp family, you are special to us and it has been an honor to serve you, thanks for all you do for us!

~Kellie, Brett & Staff: The Big Picture Fine Art & Photography

I used this montage as my PHOTO OF THE DAY on Facebook: “Conversations with my teddy, he always understands.”

Isn’t that the truth!

I love this montage of Aiden below. It reminds me of the special bond I have with my Belly Bear.

 I loved my bear and I still have him. He is now 30 years old and as wise as he is,  he inspired me to “Google” information that could be helpful.

Aiden’s montage, speaks the bond that a good friend helps out when your in need.

Good thing mommy is a teacher and she knows there are so many resources out there to help her, while he is away.

Toys are an important part of every child’s life, and it can help aid families during their transition.

It’s called a “Daddy Doll”

What I love the most is that you can get them custom-made with a voice box, I suggest one for each member of the family. Linking the picture and the voice box is a brilliant idea.


When mommy’s & daddy’s deploy for a year or more, it becomes the roll of the spouse left here in the states to raise the family. 

One year can seem like forever for these little guys, but pictures, stories, & new technology can help these families while they are apart.

Planning what to say and involving the whole family in special creations like “The Daddy Doll” before deployment can help the children adjust to their next year.

For more information on DADDY DOLLS LLC Visit:

We started Daddy Dolls after witnessing first hand how hard military deployments were on our children. With both of our husbands being Marines and both having been deployed twice in less than two years, the absence of daddy was beginning to take its toll on our own children as well as those of dear friends. We wanted to find some way to make the separation easier for our sons and daughters while keeping their fathers close to their hearts and in their prayers. With our determination to bridge the gap and Aunt Mary’s creativity, Daddy Dolls were born!

After seeing the amazing response from our own children, we realized that there were many children out there, not just military, that could use a doll of that special someone that was far away. Our children not only play with their Daddy Dolls, but also rely on them for strength during trying times like doctor’s visits or when they need an “owie” kissed. Sometimes only that distant loved one will do! They have also become a part of story time and grocery shopping. You never know where that Hug A Hero™ Doll might want to go! We hope the dolls touch your lives as much as they have ours.

~Tricia and Nikki

Amazon also has some great books for your spouse and families like: “I Miss You!: A Military Kid’s Book About Deployment”




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  1. anon

    Ahhh, I almost hate saying this because this is a beautiful thing here, but your title should be “When Daddies Deploy”…’Daddy’s’ denotes possession (Daddy’s son, or Daddy’s deployment), or ‘Daddy is’ (Daddy’s tired, Daddy’s ready for dinner, etc.).


    August 13, 2011 at 8:51 am

    • Thank you so much! I love that you said something, I am not perfect and I continue to learn everyday. I changed it to When Daddy Deploys. I believe that is a correct way to say it too. 🙂

      August 13, 2011 at 11:21 am

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