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To Edit or Not to Edit?….that is the question.

Sure, not all brides are alike, and the same goes for your photographer. We all strive to be our best at what we do, but communication is key.

We want to ask our clients, friends and families what do they prefer:

To edit or Not to edit?

Editing requires valuable time from your photographer, thus edited packages usually cost more. Even if your skin is flawless, what about your background? Many photographers, use programs to help aid in their editing time, but many (Like us) would rather give each picture it’s time in the spot light and really look it over for details that need enhancing or removing. BUT Is this feature worth our time?

We would love to hear your thoughts?

Lucky for you, we have packages that include BOTH: Un-edited images on disc OR Full Services packages that include all images edited. (Even the “The Deleted Scenes” get a little pampering in our edited package!)

Katie & Alex had a great location and the perfect Barbie and Ken look, but we still took time to perfect their image.

The image below was taken when the sun was setting behind the building, so in post production, we color enhanced it to bring back it’s luster, one of the easiest edits to do but this still requires editing time to make it spring from the page. 

The image below was edited of the background lights, burned to make the screen darker, reversed to a proper black and white with amazing contrast, a smoke border was added and the lights and flowers were punched out with perfection, so you truly see a perfect punched color. (Attention to this detail, is one of my specialties, why do it, if your not going to make it perfect?)

We can average over 200 hours of editing and creation time on a one photographer, 6 hour event and that is before we create any art work, albums or prints and sometimes more!

This achievement took valuable time that I could be using elsewhere. Is it worth it and which would you prefer?

Photography is our passion, our photography services, Fine Art and Post Production Editing is special craft.

The day of your session is only the first moment, that we spend tending to the details of your memories. As your photographer’s, we are your best friend’s, there on your special day to make sure your wishes are captured beyond your expectations. As your photography company, we make sure your raw and final images are backed up and archived multiple times for safety. As your Photographic Artist’s & Editor’s, we fine tune every detail of your images, so it is enriched with the magic you felt on the day it was taken. As well as creating your perfect Album, Prints, Fine Art & Video Dvd’s.

We would love to be your photography company for life, so when you think of a special event that needs to be captured, we want the first name you think of to be

The Big Picture Fine Art & Photography


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