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The On-Screen Kiss: Make it Hot, Sexy and Forever!

Director of Photography: Kellie Gilliss tells all:

How to capture the on-screen KISS and make it sexy, side table drawer sexy!

Interviewer: When a couple is going to take pictures and they know they want an on screen kiss, how do you prep for that?

Kellie: This is my favorite part of the shoot! If a couple wants to have LOVE STORY images, then showing off that intimate side of their love story, with a HOT & SEXY kiss is the way to do it. You know, the kind you frame and put bed side! (Usually, in Black and White for me because they often show more emotion.)

Interviewer:  Do you have any stories of bad on camera kissing, you want to share?

Kellie: DO I?  I sure do! (giggle) I have several stories, but I would never tell them! We have fun and we laugh a lot, it’s not always easy to be in front of the camera. Trusting your photographer with your kiss and DONT tell secrets is a privilege. However, if a couple starts to kiss and they get a little to  heavy, I just stop shooting, wait for them to finish or I start singing the beat from the  “Super Bad” sound track and tell them I am not that kind of photographer…LOL but with most of my clients, I simply ask if they would like to learn how to on-screen kiss and look amazing doing so. Most of them want to and some laugh in the middle, which provides me wonderfully intimate laughing shots, real laughter, which is gold to me too!

Interviewer: What should a couple do to make their “kissing” pictures look natural?

Kellie: Relax, have fun, and get lost in the moment….oh yeah and  forget that I am there! Some tips for having a good kiss is simple: Keep both of your heads straight up, then tilt very little almost nose to nose (that way the photographer doesn’t get just a chin of one person). For the ultra sexy kisses: Move in real close… real slow, the girl should open her mouth very little (almost a puff of air should come out, giving that very sexy lip look), almost tease each other with how close you can get without actually putting your lips together, and for the most part,once you plant the kiss, keep your eyes closed. Open eye kissing doesn’t always print well, so on-camera keep them closed (even though most of us peek during our kisses. 🙂 

Interviewer: Do you have any examples you can show us?

Kellie: Sure do, I just added some from an amazing session where we got LOTS and LOTS of HOT, SEXY and FOREVER IN LOVE shots.


Wedding Date: April 22,2012

Lorin goes in for the kiss:

Bryan goes in for the kiss:


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