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{Building Our Website}

We are so excited to be re-building our website, while it is under-construction, you will see new products that will come alive right before your eyes. We are using all sorts of Multi Media to provide fun ways to learn more about what we can do for you. You see the better you understand what services and products we supply, the better we can serve your every need.

Check out this section from our {Weddings Section}

{Q & A}

{Every Wedding is Unique, Special & Perfect}

{Q} What kind of pictures are taken during a {Pre-Ceremony} section of a wedding?
{A} Click on the picture below to see a few images from a real wedding who had a PRE-CEREMONY BRIDE {1 hour} & a {PRE-CEREMONY GROOM}  1 hour included in their package.

{PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE} Wedding Contemporary.Fashion.Black&White

{Q} What if I want to add a video like this to my package, can I?
{A} Yes, you can! We currently provide social media packages that are uploaded for sharing, just like this one you see here. If you are interested, please inquire. We would love to tell you more about this option and about how you can have your favorite music options. Following Copyright laws are important to us.



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