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Meet Kellie

Hello, I am Kellie Gilliss, thanks for stopping by and looking around. Below you can read a little bit about me and our company,  The Big Picture!  Enjoy!

A little bit about me.
You’ll typically find me with my family,  photographing, editing, or hosting an event. I also enjoy going to live shows and concerts and I love fashion photography and set design among a multitude of other things… Weddings are a treat because I see the best of both worlds married in the design of a beautiful wedding.

A little bit more about me.
I fell in love with photography at the age of five when my mother handed me her discontinued 110 camera. She never thought that I would be off photographing everything and everyone, so when I returned to innocently ask her to develop the film, she had to lovingly break my heart by telling me that all of my masterpieces were lost forever since there was no film in the camera!  By the age of 14,  I had enrolled in several photography classes, including vocational tech. Although I was always the one taking pictures, I don’t think I ever really put it out there that I would someday own a photography company.  I actually planned on being a lawyer, but I always knew that I wanted a family, and when I met my Mr. Right, I turned to the security of  the banking industry.  Once it was official that baby #3 was on his way, I decided to resign so I could focus on our children’s first years, since these years are very important to their development. Having three boys in three years was amazing but choosing to be home with them was magical.  The year our third son was born, my husband told me I should start planning a photography company and create something that would allow the artistic side of me to come out while retaining the freedom that would allow us to stay focused on our family.

After the year 2000, several important milestones happened; our third son was born, we started our photography company, my husband quit his corporate job to join me full time, and In 2005, we changed our business name from my name to The Big Picture Fine Art & Photography and although the rest is not yet history, these last 10 years have just flown by!

I couldn’t do anything I do without the support of my biggest fan, my husband, Brett. He is my rock, my mentor and my one true love! Then, of course, there are our three children, who, with their insight, humor, and fresh wisdom, complete my support team .
As a family we  have a LOT of fun. We love to travel, camp, and take long car rides. We LOVE to visit places like Disneyland and Maui, and when home you will find us busy  inventing, sculpting, photographing, filming, drawing and designing to name a  few among an endless list of creative pursuits. We are always finding scraps of material with which to create a masterpiece from. Our children are fine young men. They are: comedians, mathematicians, actors, chefs, acrobats, musclemen, scientists, artists, directors, writers, and so much more. I am so excited and honored to witness their evolution into manhood.

As a  photographer I am very creative; my joy is to infuse  love and beauty with style and fashion. I photograph life and communicate my view of it; I capture time as it happens and I love to document our special moments as history unfolds before us with wonder and splendor.  I am a passionate photographer; I cry at the tender moments and laugh at the funny moments. Photography is my true passion and I love what I do!


A personally tailored experience.
Based out of Desert Hills, Arizona, and available for international travel, I specialize in Wedding Photography and High-End Portraits. As a boutique photographer, my goal is to craft for you the highest quality pictures, while making your special day as relaxed and joyful as possible.

A lasting investment.
Wedding packages are available from $1,200 and portrait packages from $250. Like my photography, my packages are custom-designed to fit your needs, and will vary based on location and products you desire. Please contact me at or call 623.869.7211 for pricing and availability.

Lets get in touch.
I’m fun, full of life, energetic, always smiling, laughing and full of surprises. I throughly enjoy  getting to know new people,  hosting monthly events and creating fun new experiences. While I always have something to do,  I always make time for people. I am available by phone, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and  I  blog and text too! Connect with me in your own time and in the way that is best fits your  lifestyle.

Our Mission

We believe taking pictures is a creative, expressive and magical experience. It is fun, affordable and  forever! And most important, its all about YOU!

With over 10 years of experience and thousands of beautiful weddings, families, graduates, children, commercial and so much more than we can mention in our portfolio, we  offer you both professionalism and peace of mind knowing that you are hiring someone who truly loves what they do, and we LOVE what we do!

You see, it is our personal goal to treat others the way we want to be treated, and since we hold the highest standards for ourselves, we  offer the same to you and every one that allows us the honor of capturing their special, and magical moments!

We look forward to getting to know you and photographing your memories!

Thank you,

Brett, Kellie & Staff




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